Mistress, Girlfriend, Confidante.

Hello Mon Cher,

I would rather have memorable experiences that can be relived again and again. A checklist of activities? That’s for your vacation.

On the other hand, everyone should have a bucket list. I could be in yours, you could be in mine. But first, you should know who I am. Yes?

I’m perfectly paradoxical: feminine and assertive, confident and vulnerable, intellectual and silly.

I like to spend time with successful, happy men. Strong men. Emotionally available and open minded men. Men satisfied with their accomplishments but who always strive for more.

I love high heels. I was probably born in them. But with all of these hills in the Bay Area, I often wear flats. You may see me in lacy lingerie, an evening gown, jeans, or even in a hoodie. A business woman in nature and practice, I prefer a pencil skirt and a crisp white blouse the most. A lady needs variety, right?

My eyes change with my mood, from blue to green. And fair warning, I can be moody. Which means I go from warm to warmer to hot.

One of my favorite things: Hold my hand while we’re strolling along a quiet tree-lined street on our way to dinner and have political banter (yes, we can talk about recent elections).

I love to let my hair down with the right man. That’s when I feel comfortable showing my romantic side, as well as my wild side.

Some things that I love: Travel. History (my favorite epoch is Roman and Middle ages). Sculpture (my favorite school is Renaissance). Music (my taste varies from classical to R&B).

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