“Let me tell you a secret….”

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My first ever, threesome!

Life is amazing and unpredictable. The life of an adult model is twice as much, when every day you meet interesting, fascinating people.

When literally, you never know who is going to come through that door. 

I was sitting at a café, waiting for Frances. Frances was the woman who contacted me online, and asked me if I was interested in doing doubles with her and a suitor of hers. “The gentleman is nice, very generous and distinguished”, she said. “ Sure thing, I would be delighted”, I replied back.

Little did Frances know, that it would be my first threesome, ever!

I was sipping my freshly brewed latte, and a myriad of thoughts and intense emotions was racing my head. She was running a little bit behind, which gave me a chance to compose myself.

“What will she be like?”, I pondered. “Will she be as flawless, sexy and confident as her pictures show? Or will she be more approachable and sweet?”

I saw a black Mercedes pull up to the curb, and after a moment, the door sprung open. I am not a big fan of boots, but the most gorgeous, slender, high booted leg emerged out of the car, followed by a tall, black-haired woman.

Elegant boots, a designer purse, trench-coat, and red lipstick: the view was so excruciatingly breathtaking, that I suddenly felt that tingly sensation in my abdomen.

“She looks a little bit like Monica Bellucci”, I thought, gulped my coffee nervously and the cup in my hand trembled.

She entered the caffe, and I swear I could smell her piquant, provocative scent from where I was sitting. Delicate rose, bergamot, orange and vanilla aromas filled the room. 

“Hello”, she said, and her voice was soft, deep, and almost musical.

“Pleasure meeting you, Valerie”. 

I don’t remember the last time I felt like a schoolgirl; perhaps, it was around my history professor in my junior years but here I was, feeling vigorously aroused, elated, and nearly smitten. “Pleasure is all mine”, I murmured.  

She took off her trench coat, and hung it neatly on the chair, moving gracefully and slowly, like a panther ready to hunt. I was the prey.

Her low-cut V-neck tank top did not leave much to the imagination, and I tried my best not to stare at her cleavage. I felt she knew precisely what magnetic effect she produced on me, and I did my absolute best to act cool and normal.

“Would you like some coffee?” I asked. She dismissed me gently and started walking towards the counter. She walked like a belly dancer does to seduce her sheikh: buttocks and chin up; her hips were swaying and flying side-by-side, designed to evoke all sorts of earthly desires and deepest temptations. Two massive Cartier bracelets danced and jingled on your narrow risk. “White and rose gold, four diamonds”, I noted to myself with a slight envy.

I dropped my last attempts of self-control and stared boldly at her figure in front of me. I wanted to see her naked. I wanted to kiss her. I wanted….

“Valerie honey?” A soft tap on my shoulder brought me back to earth. “Tomorrow, we are meeting at 7 PM at the Ritz, to meet with Mark. Her luscious lips were moving slowly, and her face neared dangerously close to mine. “He requested cocktails dresses with stockings underneath”.

My heart skipped the beat, and I felt electricity running through my veins. I had no idea what’s going to happen the next day, but I knew it will be the night I will never forget….