Have you ever tried filling out one of those online dating profiles? For you, I’ll give it my best try.

Measurements: 32D-25-36

Height: 5’6″ – Up to 6’ in Heels

Weight: 125 lbs.

Dress: 2

Shoe: 8

Body: Feminine, Sporty, Small Frame: Dancer or Gymnast body

Hair: Mid Back length, Soft, Natural Blond

Eyes: Big, Bright Blue/Green Eyes & Long Eyelashes

Style: European classic, dresses, and heels. Occasional silicon valley casual

Lifestyle: old world education & lifestyle, new age attitude

Personality: personable, charming, playful with a free spirit



Q. Where are you located?
A. I reside and host in the South Bay of the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. I’ll travel to meet you to just about anywhere (both local and domestics inquiries are welcome). So far, 20 countries visited and counting!


Q. What do you look like? Your face is hidden. 
A. I have a full life including an ambitious professional and academic career which is why I don’t show my face. Discretion is a must for me — just as it is for you. But do not fret! I have been gifted with classical beauty. Decorated with long blonde hair, striking blue eyes, a full-lipped and charming smile, and an overall balanced feminine face. I have been compared to Claire Forlani, well known for her part in “Meet Joe Black” and am often told my face is my best feature.


Q. What can I expect from the experience with you?
A. Romance, passion, revelation, and most importantly a genuine connection. Expect to be impressed by a young woman who knows what she wants and understands the feminine powers she possesses. Expect that our first date will not be our last. 


Q. Do you have reviews?
A. I believe that our time together is special, and the moments we share are ours alone. These moments should stay in a very special place — our hearts and minds. Let them remain private and personal, far away from the realm of reviews.


Q. Do you enjoy what you do?
A. Most definitely! I take pleasure in everything that I choose to do, and wouldn’t pursue it if I didn’t. This is a side adventure to my everyday life, and I only want to share it with a well-picked companion. Perhaps you will join me?

Menage a…:

Q. Do you entertain women or couples?
A. Yes, and I enjoy both! Surely you’re not the only one who can’t resist the charms of a beautiful woman. I also enjoy the dynamic energy and open minds of the couples who choose to see me. I’m more than happy to bring a sexy girlfriend to our date. Tabitha Lane, Jeniveve Delacroix, Lillian Warren, Isabelle Ducharme and a few select others are my preferred playmates. Contact me for the ménage of your fantasy!


Q. Any rules to follow?
A. Rules sound pedantic, and I’m far from it. These are my preferences. I prefer to be contacted via email, with all the information mentioned on my Contact page. If you’d like to hear my voice, I’ll be happy to plan a phone call. Engagements longer than three hours, as well as travel, will require a 25% deposit. If you need to cancel 48 hours or less prior to the date, the deposit will be retained. I have simple and discreet ways of electronic payment set up for you convenience, although cash is always preferred.

My Kind of man:

Q. What kind of man appeals to you? What turns you on?
A. My ideal mate is kind, strong and masculine.  He follows his dreams and pursues his desires, and most importantly he makes them happen. I’m relationship minded and I see my small circle of friends over and over again. Emotional intimacy, old fashioned romance and thoughtful gifts all turn me on.