There are many ways for us to explore our relationship.

Introduction: 1200/ 1.5 Hours

Let’s stay together: 1600/ 2 hours

Time to enjoy: 2400/ 3-4 hours

Show me off: 4000/ 5-7 hours

A Night to behold: 5,000/ up to 12 hours



TRAVEL – 3-5 Days: 15,000*

GETAWAY – 1 WEEK: 20,000*


*50% deposit plus travel expenses required

Take my hand, kiss me sweetly and let’s make memories. Here are some of my ideas for our date. What are yours?

Days and nights in one of the most romantic cities in the world. Art patron, wine taster, theatre-goer, restaurant critic, history buff, nature seeker, jazz lover. You can be anyone you want to be in San Francisco, especially with a local companion as your tourist guide and muse. The bay, the Pacific and my sometimes very naughty mind are our only limits. Recommended: Show Me Off, A Night to Behold, A Sweet Day (and Night)

Dinner. You’ll be amazed at your appetite. We begin by choosing a restaurant amongst some of the best in the world, right here in the bay area. Having a weakness for all things French, Japanese, Californian, and Carnivoran, these are a few of my staple favorites: La Folie, Zen- like Kusakabe, State Bird Provisions, and Osso Steakhouse. So much to eat, talk about and anticipate.
Recommended: Show Me Off, A Night to Behold, A Sweet Day (and Night)

Travel. I practically live for it. I love hopping on planes, spontaneously or planned. I love finding hidden gems not listed in the travel books. Local coffee shops, little art galleries, locals only nights clubs, one man show restaurants in Paris, skinny dipping, walking on a deserted beach, chewing gum in Singapore (or maybe not!), a self-guided tour of Pompeii. Adventurous days in new and exotic places fade into steamy evenings, even if we’re in Alaska in the winter.
Recommended: A Sweet Day (and Night), A Weekend Together, Travel, Getaway.

Custom-crafted, romantic adventures.

Not seeing your ideal date on my list and looking for something really special, just for you? Want to be my top priority?

Don’t fret! Being a feminine woman and a thoughtful and intuitive companion, pleasing a fine gentleman is in my blood!

Recommended: Let’s create a rendezvous of your lifetime together over breakfast in bed or while eating ice cream together in the park.